Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

Broken Wings

Dear all...
Today I would like to tell something about what we have ever heard, the phrase called "Broken Wings". As  usual human creature, we have some parts in our body like hands, feet, nose, ears, and eyes. But you know, there is something left that should never been told in the common world, yeah that's what we call "wings".
I imagine that everyone has their own wings to fly and also to chase their dreams. Where are they located on ? We believe that no body know about it, because it can not be seen but we can feel it sometimes. Have you ever felt like flying on the sky while you get some surprises, gifts or even just happy news  ?? Then could you imagine what makes you feel  flying high when you get your love ?? 

Maybe they are not planted at our shoulders or even our backs, but somewhere else we have never realized. It's like an imaginary thing we can't see how big they are or how strong they are. They keep growing up like the other body parts we have. As we know, our eyes have function to see the things aroung us, our hands to handle the jobs, our ears to hear the voices, our nose to breathe the air, our feet to move our body, and finally our wings to keep moving up and down.   

As what we feel in life, a pair of wings are connected to our soul each other, so that they can work together in harmony.  When you feel there is something wrong in your life, you feel down, then your wings will carry you up and bring you to leave all pains you have.  When you feel so glad or angry, then your wings will control your emotion by turning right and make it slow down.

Then, there is a big question if anyone can affect another one's. It means how big someone can influence wings of the other so that they can help them to spread their wings while they get trouble with their own. We can always break our wings caused by ourselves or even the others. When we know we can't fly because we realize that someone hit us with something unbearable then we are getting underpressure with this condition, and it's common if we need help of the others to unfold our wings. We are just human being who need the others to socialize and work together. It doesn't matter if you need someone to help you flying ahead rather that keeping youselves injured by the others or getting yourselves killed by the situation. 

We have to keep moving to survive in this cruel life. We don't want to let the others hurt us for a long time, and we need the others to help us fix all these broken wings, so that we can fly together to cover up our weakness and strengthen our existence. Perhaps what we are have nothing to do with what the others, because we are who we are, and we don't want to be dependent on the others, but we do believe that we can not be separated to the others.  We expect something will come to us at the right time, when we are down, and nothing we can do. But if we just sit behind the wall, protecting ourselves from what will come to us in the future, we wouldn't be able to fix these broken wings. We have to face the truth, and try to fix all injured part of our bodies and soul from this moment to get better things in the future. Look at the winds, breath the air, and feel how strong it is to support us and start flying. How shiny the sun, taste it to empower you fighting againts your fear. We need to move friend...! 

Just be brave and be careful with your wings..!

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