Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

When you say nothing at all, but not for real

Saturday, 10.16 a.m
Good day everyone..

Now, I just want to share about the sentences "when you say nothing at all, but not for real".
Actually it's a little bit confusing words, because if you say that you feel nothing, so it means, you really have nothing to think about. But in this case, it's just a way to pretend that you don't feel anything, but for real you can't lie that you feel something..

I know..
It's not good for your mind and also for your heart, because you lie not only yourselves, but also the others.
Yups ! But could you think the consequence you can get if you say the truth but it againts your expectation ?
It's so unpredictable, yup !

So, what I feel right now, it's like a crazy stuff with no direction, I feel like a confused one and I don't how to express it. Is it love ? I don't know...
But I think I don't really know about LOVE, because there is no absolute defintion about LOVE ?
I can't tell anyone at this moment, but I try to find my way to know about what it is.
If you tell about "LOVE" , so who's the girl or boy ?
Because I'm a boy, so who's the girl ? (I'm not a same-sex lovers) haha

The girl who often come into my mind is....
Well, I don't want to tell her name here cuz it's a little bit embarrasing.. :D
The traits (character) as follows.. 
1. She is good looking, of course..
2. She is smart and friendly
3. I think she loves adventure, the same like me..
4. She doesn't talk too much, and she's so mysterious..

They are what I can share to you.. Who is she..?
Haha. Sorry for the question, because I'm not sure if I tell her name here, she will not get mad or even accept it.. :D
So... It's better to secretive her name for a moment...

Yeah, that's what I feel on these few days...
I'm confused of this feeling..
I don't know what I should do, and how to express it...
She is awesome !! yup..
Maybe, pretending is a better way to show the way, but sometime it can be just a beautifull lie !
Because it's better to tell the truth although it's so painful... owwgh !! 

Well, I think that's all.
And see you next time..! :)

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