Rabu, 22 Agustus 2012

Midnight blogging

Okay, maybe it is not the best time for such an activity because almost of the people are currently sleeping right now. I don't even know why I woke up so early.. It's 02.26 a.m now on my watch, and  it's raining outside. Actually I want to fall asleep again, and go sleeping so I can save my energy for tomorrow. 

But it seems my eyes still keep working in front of this notebook, and let me tell you a story about a few days ago. 'Lebaran' or Eid-ul Fitri means so much for everyone who claims himself/herself as a moslem. I think everyone is trying to let all their sadness go away in these special days, because we can meet our family, our friends, our relatives, cousins/nephew, aunt/uncle, except there is no one who care about you. But I think as a moslem, we should care about the people around us, so I hope there will be no sadness and tears anymore. Alhamdulillah in this year, I can spend my days during eid-ul fitri with my parents, my sisters, and my friends. It's so glad to have a quality time with them.

As usual, every 'lebaran day' in my family, we perform prayers (sholat ied) together in the morning, and then we go back to home, we forgive each other, after that we eat 'lontong/ketupat' together. It's so meaningful in eid-ul fitri when we can have such a priceless time in the special day. Then we usually go to my aunt's home or getting some guests in our home.

In eid day, it has not completed without cake/cookies/snack to welcome the guests. There are various kind of cakes/cookies in my home made by my mother, so the people who come can feel more excited. It's like a culture in Indonesia, because there is no specific agreement or manuscript and even obligation that requires you to make the cakes/cookies/snacks. So, it's just the way to treat your guests well and feel comfort together for a long conversation. 

Just keep in touch, and see ya !  :)

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