Kamis, 16 Agustus 2012

Eidil Fitri is cooming soon

Well, this is my first post in Ramadhan 1433 H, the weather is so nice this morning with beautiful rain outside.. I'm sitting on my chair and my mom is still speaking with her friend by phone. Actually, it's hard to get a good internet connection in this city, so that's why I hadn't posted anything in this blog for a month.Then I use a modem to make this post while my sister is sleeping soundly, because this modem belongs to her. :)
It seems odd today because I can't sleep after my "sahur" (time for muslim to eat before fasting), but just forget it. I want to share about my days during this fasting month. There are some happy activities I have done here (In Dumai with 'm' not 'b'), such as helping my parents, reading books and newspaper, washing the car and motorcycle, traveling, photo hunting, culinary, etc. I can do them all because I have more spare time right now before I start to work one day, implement and develop my skills. 

I got a new experience to go to Perawang for the job test and interview, so I had to go to Pekanbaru first then I went to Perawang for about one hour more. I met my friends in Pekanbaru after the test, just like a reunion.. It had been glad to see them anyway before I went to Dumai again..

And you know, we are in the edge of fasting month, then we'll celebrate it and meet eidil fitri soon.. yeey !! I'm going to celebrate eidil fitri this year in this beautiful small town, Dumai !  One thing for sure, I love Dumai sky, and I took some photoes during my walk, here they are..

Okesip ! :)

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