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Vagueness (Unemployment,Economy, and Society)

Youw !
Now, it's in the morning, and today is the holiday for some people, the special day for the other ones and  the day where nothing more and less for jobless people including me. Fhuu ! 

Actually, I was graduated on April,2012 and now I'm a fresh graduate who really search for a job. It has been about 2 months after my graduation, and now I am still stuck in this condition, with no permanent job. Oukeeii... So, what's next ? That's it ? Of course not, in this opportunity, I would like to tell something more about this condition. I would like to write about the unemployment, and what jobless people probably do.

Well I hope it's gonna be interisting while you read this kind of words. First, I will define what jobless is, then I will explicate about unemployment rate, the impact of unemployment, and after that why we have to pay attention about this one. I will put some jokes in this writing, just to make it not so crispy.. :)

So, here it is..
Jobless, from the dictionary can be defined as having no job. So "jobless people" is those who have no jobs. Further more, what do you think about these kinds of activities, like eating, walking, reading, thinking, and many more. They are not the jobs that we mean, so the jobs that we mean, is doing some activities who can give the results and earning some money. The results can be good or bad, it depends on the efforts we make. And money is one of  the measuring instruments about our achievements. Yeah we all know that it's not all about money, but more than that, it's about the satisfaction of all we do.

But, it's not that easy to find a good job nowadays, caused by the lack of vacancies, and ability to compete. One thing I can't deny is getting a good job is not just about mathematically condition, or just a logic mind.  It's  often determined by our own destiny and fortune. As the sequence of it, the more people with no job in a country, the higher the unemployment rate. And it's unbelievable that I'm one of them.. Owhh.. 

The unemployment rate can be defined as the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labour force. This is one of the big cases in every countries of the world because it can make bad impacts to the economy and society. So, let's we take a look at the effects, as follows..

The effects on the economy
1. Disability to pay
The most visible problem on economy is a disability to pay, it means people will have no power to to run the economy system without money, because if we want to buy something or doing some economic activities, we need money to make it real. It will bring them to a worse condition where they have to sell all things they have, just to survive in a complicated life.

2. Decreasing the spending power
Unemployed people have less power to spend their money than the employed ones. They would rather save than spending their money, which in turn affects the economy adversely. Then the economic demand will decrease as the result of this condition. 

3. Recession
With the increasing rate of unemployed people, the other economy factors are significantly affected, such as : the income, standard of living and poverty, and health cost.  

The effects on the society
Besides affecting the people unemployed with its despair, anguish, and unhappiness, it also give the effects on the society, as follows:
1.  Mental health decrease
It can be known by looking at the indications like low self-confidence, low self-esteem, feeling dejected and unworthy, depression, hopelessness, and frustration. This is not good for personal development of someone in a society, because they can not take a good part in the days they spend with. 

2.  Raising people tension
A little mistake and quarrel may lead the unemployed people to tension and problems. A person ideally should be able to control his temper, so that he can live peacefully with his neighbor and friends. Furthermore, it can also increase the number of divorces if a person can not lower the tension.   

3.  Increasing the crime rates
We can imagine how hard someone's life without any job and it will bring a person to make such crime and violence to keep them alive. Of course it will increase the crime rates. 

4.  Political issues
Considering all the possibilities caused by the unemployment, it can make a government lose of trust in managing the people which may lead to a political instability. 

5.  Stigma
Stigma or a mark of disgrace as a social label created by people perception can appear to someone with no job. But for sure, no one likes to be labeled as unemployed. 

6.  Suicide case
The longer someone has no job, the higher possibility for him/her to end himself/herself. It's as a matter of unbearable condition in life which lead a person in a suicide.

The more people become unemployed, the more problems must be solved by the government. Poverty is one of the impacts of the unemployment in a developing country. It makes a multiple effects to a country with a high poverty, such as malnutrition, low human resources, disability to compete, low respect, and so on. So that's why the unemployment  is one of the crucial problems.

In Indonesia, there is an increasing number of unemployment since 1989-2007, but in 2012 the number is reduced slowly with the increasing of job vacancies. (source: BPS Provinsi NAD)
(Unemployment Data in Indonesia from 1998 until 2007,
source : BPS Provinsi Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam)

On February,2012 the unemployment rate decreased to 6,32% from 6,8% on February,2011. It's a good new for our country, and we hope the rate can continuously decrease to support human welfare in Indonesia.
Now, how about if we make some solutions to help solving this problem, despite they will not be the only solutions.. 
1. Increasing the number of vacancies in every regions (not only in the capital city)
2. Preparing the students for the real working field with the course and training programs
3. Enlarging chances for internship program
4. Improving the methods of dissemination of information on available jobs
5. Making an integrated database of jobs
6. Sharing about working experiences
7. etc

So, I hope several solutions above are likely to be realized in Indonesia, so there will be a reduced number of unemployment time by time. And now it's time to learn again.. :)

"Hundreds of millions of human beings on our planet increasingly suffer from unemployment, poverty, hunger, and the destruction of their families." ~ Hans Kung

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