Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

Final exam is coming soon

Sunday, 8th May 2011
16.10 WIB, afternoon at comlabs

Dear all,
What a great afternoon today ! :)
3 days left for final exam from right now
I know I have no too longer time to prepare all things needed,
My final assignment has not been complete and it's getting complicated since I had progress seminars few weeks ago, now I don't know how to make it started, cuz I need to learn much things before I work for it.
I have to start studying from the beginning to get the best result in final exams, and it makes me feel overpressure like an ironed cloth.. :D
I know this is not the end of everything, so I have encourage myself and make it enjoyable eventhough it's not as easy as I expect to be. :P

The first final exams I will have in the next week are soil mechanics and methods of construction equipment.
Whatever they are, I have to approach them with the whole of my heart..! yeah !! -____-"

The most difficult thing to do right now is fighting againts my laziness and upgrading my mind, and I wish I could do it at the same time.. heuh ! -__________-"

Now, I have to say goodbye, and trying to collect all my spirit to study hard for the final exams guys !
So, see you..! :)

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