Senin, 08 April 2013

Reliance on Technology

Could you imagine how this life will become if we went back to the early century when people still used conventional ways to do everything ? There were no heavy machines, no satellites, no aeroplanes, no vehicles, no computer, no SMARTPHONES of course.. Maybe, life was much more simple at that time, but it might be not, because why we always try to find something new ? It's because we always attempt to find out the better ways to solve the problems, right ? 

Now, I am writing on my blog here right now, using the technology called social media connected by the internet that people all over the world love using it to spend their time with various activities. There are so many social media I know so far, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, BLOGGER, WHATSAPP, AND SO MANY MORE I HAVEN'T KNOWN YET MAYBE.. It's fun to interact with people on those social media, but sometimes I think that we are so reliant on technology.. And it confuses me sometimes how to use it well in order to keep my real world alive. But. relax.. I don't want to take it seriously because I still have both of them in a balanced condition. I hope so ! hee..

And I keep doing it because I can get some useful informations I can not get somewhere else, and it's nice to see family, friends, or even strangers out there just so close from my computer. So, you too ? yeah we are so reliant on technology ! hmphff.. :)

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